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We use the Design/Build process which allows you, the homeowner, to contract a single source for all your design and construction services for a project. Contrasting with the “traditional” design-bid-build approach where you would be responsible to hire designers, architects, engineers and contractors, BD Ables Inc. offers all these services combined. We are one of the premier remodeling companies in the area offering personalized and customizable service. From initial remodel design planning to project completion, owner Larry Ables, will be your personal project manager. Throughout the entire process of your remodeling project you will be able to reach Larry to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. For those that expect and demand excellence in craftsmanship while staying on time and on budget BD Ables, Inc. is your best choice. 


Design/Build Benefits 

• Saves you time 

• Gives you an accurate cost estimate before you start a project 

• Assurance that your project will be done correctly the first time


Design/Build Advantage 

We design the project with you and build it for you. By combining design, budget estimation, and construction into one seamless process, we can offer you the best value for your money. As a design/build contractor, we have an extensive knowledge of real costs and can design a project that fits your budget parameter. By offering a high level of up-front planning combined with excellent communication, we know all of your needs before construction. We communicate with you clearly and frequently throughout the entire process. We want you to understand the process and the progress from initial design phase to the final punch list, ensuring control over quality, budget, and time. 


How It’s Done 

Phase I - Initial Meeting 

There is no charge to discuss your remodel project with Larry and he will provide you with an initial guestimate. This no-cost, no-obligation meeting helps us to understand your needs, including the scope of the project, timeline and budget. We ask that all those involved in the decision attend this one hour meeting (best held at the project site), so all of us can decide if the project is feasible and a good fit.


Phase II - Project Design/Scope and Budget Development 

In this phase. We take the time to fully understand your vision, then translate it into specific plans and a construction budget. During this phase, Larry works with you to develop a design concept that fulfills your vision and meets your budget. This requires a significant amount of work, so we ask you to commit to a Design/Project Development Agreement. Though we charge a fee to create the plan, we will provide you with one copy, and you do not need to commit to construction until you decide to move to Phase Three. In many cases this fee may be waived should you decide to move to Phase III in a reasonable amount of time. 


Phase III - Construction

This is where the above design concept becomes a reality. When you use BD Ables, Inc., you can count on accountability and a predictable outcome. We are committed to excellence, which is why we keep you apprised of the project progress at all times through clear communication, a written schedule, and a billing schedule based on the progress of the project, so we can purchase needed construction materials. 



Once the project is fully completed, we will warrant all details of the project for one year and contact you after 6 months and 12 months for quality assurance follow-up.





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