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We believe our many years of construction experience is one of our biggest assets. We have managed the design and construction of hundreds of homes, of many architectural styles and sizes, and over the years have built in many fine neighborhoods.


We want each of our clients to fully participate in the design of their dream home. Each project should be beautiful, energy efficient, utilize state of the art technologies, have the finest materials of construction and should also be built with an eye towards future resale value. Ultimately, our clients decide upon and approve every aspect of their home, but we always recommend elements of the home that will ensure future resale value.


We strive for complete transparency in our process and believe that our clients should know where each dollar is being spent, should they wish. We do this by obtaining competitive bids to assure you that you are getting the lowest possible pricing from reputable subcontractors and suppliers. When our customers want it, our billings are itemized and upon request we will provide copies of the invoices. We are here to guide you and provide you with a beautiful finished home we can both be proud of.


We work with many local Architects, Home Designers, and other design professionals from start to finish contributing to the functional design of the home and to guide the selection of the many choices in finishes. Each project is collaboration between our clients, us and the design team that we select for each project. We always welcome the opportunity to work with the top professionals in the industry should our clients have preferences in these areas.


Every home should be beautiful, inside and out. However, for us, the inside includes what is inside the walls, the parts of the home that make them livable, from a comfort and entertainment perspective, as well as the energy efficiency of the home. We address energy efficiency at many levels, including different methods of insulation, window location and selection, landscaping, roofing materials, HVAC design and efficiency, and integration of all components into home automation systems.


The selection of your builder is a very important decision and should not be done hastily. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, explore your ideas on your dream home and to provide our guidance in the design and construction of your home. A typical project, including design and construction, can often take nine to twelve months or more. You should take the time to get to know the builder you are considering working with on such an important endeavor.




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